Yet another ‘sorry it is booked already’ reply from apartments in Amsterdam.  We’re now at three out of five unavailable, and we’re only waiting to hear from one more.   I’m inquiring about rentals six months from now.  What’s up with that?


2 responses to “Seriously?

  1. We have used Citadines short stay apartments in London in the past. Very nice. I don’t know if they have any in Amsterdam (I do know they have other European locations), but I would check them out. If Amsterdam is booked up, consider staying in Haarlem. I’ve heard that it is very nice, too.

    • sigh…i’m actually thinking of re-thinking the whole trip. the entire point of the trip was to be fun and relaxing. we at least wanted to end it staying somewhere we know we both like, and amsterdam was that place. alas, it seems we would have to do a hotel in amsterdam, as even the apartments we’ve deemed ‘out of our price range’ are taken. we don’t want to spend a week in a hotel. and while the suggestion of staying outside of the city is a good one for many people, it is not what we are looking for. my husband misses living in nyc. he doesn’t want to live in hoboken (i hope that analogy made sense–sorry if it didn’t, i had a really long day!) i just spent the last half hour looking for houses in napa, but the husband is not fully on board with that (again, see nyc comment). i suppose i will continue looking tomorrow, after some rest.

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