Best Places: Intro

This is likely because it is February, it is freezing outside, and I’ve not been anywhere in a while, but I spent the greater part of my evening last night watching ‘The Best Places I’ve Ever Been’ on the Travel Channel.  The first episode was about ‘secret places’, the second was ‘best beaches’, and the third I actually Tivoed (lest I miss it)–Disney Memories.

Of course I was inspired by all of this–again, likely because I’m dying to go anywhere outside of freezing cold PA–and decided that I’d bide my time between trips coming up with my own ‘Best Places I’ve Ever Been’, based on the themes of each episode.  Thus, look forward to Best Places posts over the next few weeks.  I researched all of the episodes, and will be doing one post per episode theme.  The themes are rather…odd…so this might be a bit of a challenge.  In order, the Best Places posts will cover…

1.  Places to Indulge

2.  Places for a Holiday

3.  Bizarre Food

4.  Beach Eats

5.  Big Thrills

6.  Sexy Places (ummm…?)

7.  Burger Joints

8.  Secret Spots

9.  Picture Perfect Beaches

10.  Hotels too good to Leave

11.  Pizza Joints

12.  Places to say ‘I Love You’

Yes, this should keep me busy, especially because I have no idea what I’m going to write for the majority of those categories.  Burger joints?  Really?  Wish me luck!


One response to “Best Places: Intro

  1. A great burger joint is…Dicks…in Seattle.

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