Best Places: Indulgence

As promised, this is post one in my ‘it is winter so I’m not really traveling right now Travel Channel inspired’ series of Best Places.  The first episode, and thus my first post, is about ‘The Best Place to Indulge’.  I’ve thought about this for several days now, and I have to say that I’ve officially come up with a tie.

I know, I know, that’s cheating.  But I honestly cannot decide between Las Vegas and Amsterdam.  So I’ll discuss the relative virtues–er, vices–of both, and let you decide.

My discussion of Amsterdam really needs no words–only a photo or two:

That’s a really big beer!  But I don’t drink beer.  So I need a photo of my own….

That’s a really big pot of the best mussels I’ve ever had.  Fortunately, we were sharing–though it does look like he’s going to eat them all himself!  In addition to the food, Amsterdam was also indulgent to the eyes.  Check out the flower market…

Ahhh Amsterdam.  I understand why my husband wants to go back.  And I understand why I’m even considering returning, despite many good reasons to stick with a domestic vacation this year.

Speaking of returning, and of domestic vacations, Las Vegas was pick number two.  To be honest, it would easily have been pick number one but for one single factor–cost.  I guess the word ‘indulgence’ implies that something is expensive–in that case, Vegas wins hands down.  But for me, to be able to indulge without cringing, my excess needs to be affordable.  That giant pot of mussels was less than 20 euros.  Three single mussels in Vegas would be $65, easy.  At a lower end restaurant.

But Las Vegas has its charms, and they are all indulgent.  Take, for example, the day we spent between the pool and the French restaurant in our hotel.  We got a lot of sun, drank a lot of wine, and ate a lot of cheese.  If that’s not an indulgent day, I don’t know what is.

I think that last photo really seals the deal of indulgence.  I mean, who puts that much effort into a dessert?  The answer?  The lovely people at The Bellagio do.  God bless Las Vegas.


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