My New Look

You may have noticed the fact that Blog on the Run has a new look.  I felt that it was time for this change for a number of reasons.  First and most importantly, I was tired of the baby blue, and I found the squished format of the previous template less-than-ideal.

I also wanted to make all of my blogs more cohesive.  To this end, I chose a basic theme and changed the header for each.  If you visit The Suitcase Scholar, it will look very similar to this, but with a header featuring the glass ceiling of The Great Hall in the British Museum.  My third blog, Virtual Passenger, is a bit more colorful; the header is the glass art ceiling at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Are you sensing a trend?  I’m a big fan of taking photos of ceilings–especially glass ones, or domes.  I’ve finally found a use for all of those photos.  It is actually shocking how many I have–before I settled on the ones I chose, I passed over 1.  The ceiling of the Opera Garnier in Paris, the dome of Sacre Coeur, and the beautiful glass dome of Galleries Layfayette department store.  The only reason that last one didn’t make the cut was because the photo quality was poor.  Man I love that dome.

As the subtitle of Blog on the Run is ‘The Travel Blog of a Hopeless Nerd’, the header above celebrates said nerd-dom; it is a photo taken of the dome of the US Capitol, on a trip inspired by reading the book The Lost Symbol.

Can I get any nerdier?  I don’t know…but right now I have to go watch the Discovery Channel’s series ‘Life’.  My husband was given the entire series on DVD.  As a gift.  For presenting at an educational conference.

Nope.  I could not be any nerdier.  I’m surprised I wasn’t born with leather patches on my actual elbows and a slightly tweed-y hue to my skin.

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