What’s Up With Airfares?

Less than a month ago, I searched for flights from JFK to various European destinations.  The consensus on Kayak was that it would cost me a bit more than $800 to fly into either London, Amsterdam, or Munich.  We spent $714 last year, JFK to London.  A month ago, a flight on Air Berlin to Munich was $850.  I thought I’d wait a while for prices to come down.

In the last two weeks, that same flight–the EXACT same flight–has gone up to $1080.

I’m both sad and torn.  Do I continue to watch flights, hoping that they will come back down again–and then book the moment prices return to two-weeks-ago-rates?  Or do I resign myself to a summer road trip?  I do really want to check out Montreal.

For the record, flights to anywhere have gone up at least $200 per person since my last search.  I’m always keeping my options open, and as such I have a basis for comparison for many different destinations.  A flight to Vancouver that two weeks ago was under $500 is now over $700.  Philly to San Fran?  $600.  Seriously?

I am both very sad and very scared.  My ‘year ‘o travel’ may be very limited if this continues.


7 responses to “What’s Up With Airfares?

  1. I think airlines would say what’s up is the price of fuel, though I’m enough of a skeptic that I’m not sure I always believe them. I’m finding ridiculously high prices as I’m planning my next trip, too. It’s very frustrating.

  2. i’m hoping it is all speculation based on all of the unrest everywhere, and that prices will go back down eventually. though it always takes far longer for prices to go down–yet they go UP so quickly!

  3. I hear you! I need to book airfare to Vancouver for our cruise, and I should have booked it months ago. Now the same flight is $100.00 more expensive.

    • we looked at vancouver, too–to re-do our honeymoon trip for our five year. we thought it would be cheaper than europe. right now flights are over $700 per person. so…not really that much cheaper than europe!

  4. I heard that the prices won’t be going down (of course who knows really), the price of gas is going up everyday and the outlook is that it will be over $4.00 before it goes back down. I would plan a trip to Montreal.

    • that actually makes me want to cry. my year off next year is looking like it is going to be more expensive than i thought. holy terrible timing. and clearly we should have booked those flights a month ago for $850! even driving to montreal with gas at $4.00/gallon will be almost not worth it. we may as well fly somewhere! ha!


  5. Yes…I use to fly out of ABE to STL for between $450-$550…I attempted to book my trip this month thru ABE and the same trip cost $850…and other routes to STL from ABE were as high as $1,200…. I have to DRIVE to Philly in order to get a more realistic price. The airlines raise prices quickly…but they come down very very slowly. Unfortunately, I cannot drive to STL…but you will be able to find plenty of “drive to”vacation destinations . Make some stops along the way, and make it worth your while.

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