Las Vegas vs. Universal Orlando–The Question

Can you guess which one this is?

Lately I’ve been a bit concerned about the Universal Orlando part of my/our upcoming trip.  More on the details of this trip later–though I’ve written at great length about the whole ‘convincing my husband to book the less expensive Universal resort’ issue.  But I have a new concern.  Is the entire premise of the trip stupid?

For this to be determined, I suppose I should state the premise of the trip.  Basically, the husband wants to go somewhere fun and relaxing.  We love Vegas, and I know for a fact he’s viewing Universal Orlando as ‘Vegas with roller coasters and Harry Potter’.  He’s imagining a few hours in the park each morning, followed by drinking at the pool and fabulous dinners out at City Walk.

I’m imagining mornings standing in line, frustrated, afternoons by the pool being splashed by children, and evenings eating crappy wings at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Clearly, we have two very different mental pictures.  I only hope his is the correct one.

Has anyone out there been to both locations?  Can anyone compare them for me?  Because Google couldn’t.  Though I guess, at the very worst, I’ll end up with a rather long post-trip blog post with an identical title!    I just added ‘–the Question’ to the title of this entry, so I can write a ‘–the Answer’ post upon returning home.


3 responses to “Las Vegas vs. Universal Orlando–The Question

  1. To be honest? I mean, really really honest?

    I’d go to Universal.
    1) It’s where your husband really wants to go…one of his few requests.
    2) He has been so supportive of you and your passions that I think you should indulge him in what he wants to do.
    3) You may have crappy wings at the Hard Rock, but you won’t have to stand in line (I don’t think) because you will have front of the line passes by staying at Universal.

    • See the post I just posted–apparently I’m getting better at ‘giving my husband what he wants’. Ahem…I mean, in the world of travel, anyway.


      And don’t worry, we are going to Universal. All of my gentle attempts to get him to switch to WDW haven’t worked, and Vegas is out of the question because, well, we have plane tickets to Orlando!

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