The Foot is Down

Surprise surprise, my husband came to a solid decision about our summer vacation plans…and here’s the surprise…I’m going to go along with it.

I will pause whilst you all gasp audibly.

The decision–he wants to go to Quebec City and Montreal.  So that’s what we’re doing.  The jury is out on what we’re going to do on the way there and on the way back–as it will be a road trip–but I’ve definitely deleted Cape Cod and the islands from the list of possibilities.  That’s too far and too expensive.  Which likely means that Boston is out, too.  But I’m thinking I may be able to squeeze Niagara Falls in there.  On my list of ‘places I want to visit’, it is right below whichever number I stopped at.

Let the planning commence!



4 responses to “The Foot is Down

  1. Here is a website to look at Quebec City at Christmas time…. I think you might have a hard time squeezing Niagara Falls in…the drive from Montreal is little over 7 hrs. Quebec and Montreal sounds funs.

    • yeah…i kind of figured that out. bummer. though it’s not fully 7 hours out of the way–maybe only 5–as we have to come back south sometime! we’ll likely do vermont on the way up and the finger lakes on the way down.

  2. Just checking out your blog, Tracy! We had a planned trip for Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, that we were supposed to do in the summer of 1996 – right after my hubby finished his 2nd masters. But then I got put on bedrest (was 5 mos. pregnant) and we built a deck instead with the vacation money! Would still like to do that some day. But we have been to Niagara Falls, and the Finger Lakes, and love both! Lots of cute little wineries, restaurants, great places to hike in Finger Lakes (I’ll tell you my 2 favorite waterfall spots if you go). And Niagara Falls is really breathtaking. The town (city?) of Niagara on the Canada side is BEYOND tacky, but the falls themselves, and the park area on the US side are magnificent and you really should check them out. And don’t pass on a ride on Maid of the Mist, or going through Cave of the something (?!) on the US side – they’ve got this spot called the Hurricane Deck that the kids still talk about, three years later.

  3. You will love Quebec City!! My DH and I did this trip in 1999 (yikes!) and loved it. Montreal was nice too, but it’s just another big city. Old Montreal, near the river, was great though. QC is amazing! We were there in April so it was a bit chilly, so during Summer I imagine it’s great. I really think you’ll enjoy the history and the European feeling! It’s like going to Paris without having to go to Paris.

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