Cheaper than Bermuda

Do you know what is less expensive than a seven-day cruise to Bermuda?  Seven nights, airfare, and all food and alcohol at Privilege Aluxes on Isla Mujeres, Cancun.

Now, I know what you are thinking–Mexico?  Really?  Didn’t your husband put it at the top of his no-go list?  Well…yes.

And then we watched Top Chef the other night, and they were in the Bahamas, and he was like ‘let’s just go somewhere tropical, we never do that’–and as he NEVER says things like that (which is why we never DO things like that), I decided a price comparison was in order.

It is crazy cheap to go to Mexico.

Plus, during a random Expedia search, I discovered Isla Mujeres, which seems like it offers everything we’re looking for–it is small, easy to get to from the airport, laid-back, and relatively safe.  There’s a beautiful beach on the property, food and drinks are included, and even if they suck, there’s lots of places to eat and drink in the village…

It just seems like our kind of place–despite the fact that ‘our kind of place’ is typically much farther north.  But it would be fun–and a little gimmicky–do to a ‘bordering nations’ summer–a road trip to Canada and a week in Mexico.

Did I mention that there’s a sea turtle farm?  And golf carts you can rent and drive around town?  And (really, really small) ruins?  And snorkeling?  And those bed things on the beach where you can lay whilst people bring you guacamole?  I’ve always wanted to go somewhere with endless guacamole…

EDIT–After posting this, I went back and read over my ‘Foot is Down’ post, and realized that I didn’t include this detail–we were planning on doing a two week road trip that focused on Quebec City and Montreal…AND a 7-day cruise to Bermuda.  We have three and a half weeks this summer to travel together, and we’re using almost all of it.  Clearly, I didn’t NEED to post about our Bermuda cruise idea, as it passed quickly.

I really am slacking off in my posting of future travel plans.  I’ve not even posted about our next trip–the Disney and Universal Studios extravaganza!  I guess that shall be my next post!


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