I realize I’ve been slacking with my blog posts.  This is the first time I’ve had such an issue since I started this blog almost two years ago.  So what’s going on?  Several things.

Thing one is the fact that I’ve started two other blogs and a website–all travel related.  And those are taking up a bit of my time.  But don’t worry–I will not forsake Blog on the Run.  It was my first child, if you will, and as such it will always be my favorite.

Thing two is that I’m also working on a book proposal, which is taking much more time than I ever imagined.  Thing three…well, thing three is the biggest problem.

You see, I typically get all excited when I book a trip, and then have to write all about the trip planning.  However, lately, I’ve been having some trip-booking issues.  It is April 23rd, and I’ve not yet even decided upon a summer vacation destination.  We’re still all over the place, pricing Caribbean cruises and flights to Spain or Germany.

But this is soon going to come to an end.  I’ve officially begun the process of planning my next year’s travels, as that’s what next year is all about–traveling.  And so I have some exiting news…that I’ll save for another post, because it’s just that exciting.

Additionally, I have several trips coming up in the very, VERY near future.  I’ll be ‘traveling’ to NYC next weekend–traveling in quotes because I only live 70 miles outside of the city.  The week after that, I’ll be in Walt Disney World (again) and Universal Orlando (for the first time).  A week after that, I’m back in NYC.  I plan to maintain my live blog whilst on all of these mini-adventures, so feel free to follow me on Virtual Passenger.

I also hope to come home with many great educational ideas for each destination, which will be shared on my edu-travel blog, The Suitcase Scholar.

Stay tuned for my big fat stupid travel announcement for next year.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll totally rub your hands together with evil anticipation.

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