Decision Time

I’ve asked for input on the Paris plan here and elsewhere, and I’ve received a lot of feedback.  All of the feedback is good and helpful.  However, it is all contradictory, and now I’m torn.

Yet it is time to make a decision.  I have the contract for the Paris apartment rental I’m considering.  I put a lot of thought into my lodging decision, and I think it is a good option.  Now I just need to fully commit to Paris.

Did I mention that I’m torn?

Tune in tomorrow, when I will post a breakdown of all the good advice I’ve been offered, and come to a final decision.


2 responses to “Decision Time

  1. Tracy, I have a slightly odd comment…if you decide to go to Paris you could start getting your bladder ready to travel. I remember a lot of your posts related to problems finding a bathroom. Why not start stretching out that bladder of yours and hold it a little longer than you’d like. Increase that a little more every day and before you know it you’ll be able to go longer between bathroom breaks. Then you won’t care where the salle de bain is located!

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