Another Metro Area Apology

Last summer I was forced to apologize to London after bashing it quite brutally in several blog posts.  Though, to be fair, the London-bashing was nothing compared to the Paris bashing.

I also wrote a fairly scathing review of New York City, a place I’ve been to many, many times and have grown to dislike as an adult.  It seems I must be regressing to my youth, because on this trip, I freaking LOVED New York.

I honestly contemplated buying one of those I ‘heart’ NY t-shirts.  Don’t worry–I didn’t.  Though I did stare longingly at a coffee mug.

Tomorrow I shall share all of my reasons why I now love New York City, and my thoughts on how this impacts my return trip to Paris.  But for now I must sleep, because apparently having fun is VERY tiring.

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