Choose My Own Adventure

Do you remember those books?  The ones that were written in second person and came with major decision to make?  If you’d like to chase after the villian, turn to page 72; if you’d like to blow up the volcano, turn to page 84.  Those books were perfectly awful, weren’t they?

But yet that’s kind of what I’m asking you, my readers, to do.  Choose my next adventure.  You see, I’m having a really hard time committing to a summer travel destination.  Perhaps I’m struggling because I’ve already fully planned–and then abandoned the idea of–a trip to Germany.  Perhaps I’m struggling because I can’t mesh my desire to save money with my desire to fly far, far away.  Perhaps it is because it is nearing the end of the school year and my brain has turned to mush.

Whatever the problem, I need help.  I’ll tell you what I know and throw out a few thoughts we’ve had and you tell me what to do–how does that sound?

What I know…

1.  This trip can’t cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Airfare needs to be at or less than $400 per person round trip.  I’d like to hover around $100 per night for lodging. 

2.  We have three weeks give or take a few days.  These three weeks can occur anywhere between July 20th and August 20th.  This is non-negotiable, as my husband works until July 20th, and then again on August 20th.

3.  I want to go somewhere I’ve never been.

4.  I want to go somewhere relaxing AND somewhere exciting.  These can (and should) be two different places.  I am open to the idea of two seperate, shorter trips, or one longer trip involving multiple destinations.

A few thoughts…

-We’re still kicking around the New England and Eastern Canada idea.  This would fully be a road trip.  We were thinking about shortening it and only spending 10 days or so between Vermont and Montreal, and then returning home and doing a Bermuda cruise out of New York.

-I really like the idea of Utah.  Yes, that’s right–I said Utah.  I read Desert Solitare when I was in college, and I’ve always wanted to see that part of the country.  We would fly into Salt Lake City, rent a car, spend some time around Moab exploring the parks, swing around to the Grand Canyon, and end up relaxing in Vegas (as per my husband’s request).

-A third option would be another cruise/road trip combo like the Canada/Bermuda trip but instead traveling south from here toward Savannah.  We’d do a shorter road trip and a longer cruise, perhaps leaving from a Florida port.  I’ve never done a Caribbean cruise and I’m not sure that I really super want to–but people seem to like them.  Plus–Im being totally honest here–it would be cheap.  We could do an entire 7-day cruise for the same amount of money we spent on food alone during our four days at Universal Orlando.

So…thoughts?  Anyone?  Thanks in advance!

Up next–my first post-Disney trip post!

13 responses to “Choose My Own Adventure

  1. LOL I loved those Choose Your Own books! They were especially helpful when I was teaching younger kids how to read because it was ultra engaging. Anyway …

    We did an 18 day road trip two summers ago, and it was great. We traveled down the eastern coast to Atlanta and then back up. Our favorite state, by far, was Virginia. Lots of hiking, beautiful sites, caving adventures and silly tourist attractions.

    For that reason alone, I like option 3. Especially because it’s something TOTALLY new. You don’t have a lot of preconceived notions about the trip, which will make it more of an exciting adventure.

    • So you didn’t melt in the heat? Good to know!

      The thing about that trip is that it wouldn’t actually be totally new. I spent almost every weekend in college in Virginia (I was one of those fake hippie kids with the corduroy and calico hand sewn dresses that hung out at jam band festivals…) and I drove down to North Carolina two summers ago for a writing conference. Can you picture it? I know you can!

  2. But have you ever visited Foamhenge, or the GIANT Cootie (you are probably too young to have had the game Cootie, right?!)?
    Both are IN VIRGINIA! As is the super-tacky dinosaur place! And one of the very few remaining AUTHENTIC diners. (we had breakfast there Sunday – still trying to unharden my arteries)

  3. I have not seen any of those things! Though I will be Googling them right now!!!

    • Did you find them all? If so, I’ll bet you are now dying to come to the Old Dominion!! (I need to say here, I am a transplant to Virginia. I am a Yankee by birth, and continue to feel more akin to my birthplace than my current home!)

      • I actually handed the reins over to my husband. We’re closing in on a decision that is part option one and part option three. Stay tuned!

  4. If you have never been to New England, you’re missing a lot. Also, late July & August are absolutely miserable to be spending time hiking around Moab & Grand Canyon in the heat (even if they claim it’s not as humid, it’s still really hot!), not to mention crowds in Grand Canyon that time of year & finding good lodging $100 or less inside park is very hard unless you are camping.

    Places like coastal Rhode Island (Block Island, Newport), casinos (Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods) since you mention Vegas, Boston (small city and not overwhelming) for history and museums, hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains or boating on Squam Lake (see “On Golden Pond”), eating your way through every clam shack on Maine coast, micro brewery tours all over Vermont as well as pretty countryside, lakes & the Green Mountains, country inns and music at Tanglewood in The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Not every trip requires a ride on a plane to make it meaningful or exciting.

    • Regina–I NEED to read your last sentence over and over. And over! And then read it some more!

      You paint a beautiful picture, by the way!

      • Doesn’t require a boat ride either, but if it was me, I’d take some of that money saved on 2 plane tickets or a Bermuda/Caribbean cruise and spend it on a private sailing charter and sail along Maine coast for 1-2 nights. Eating fresh lobster on deck of your own private sailboat while Captain decides what cove to dock in for the night way more appealing than being herded like cattle into a buffet line on NCL or Royal Carribean with 2,000 other passengers.

    • Regina–I don’t know if you subscribed to follow up comments, but if you are reading this I want you to know that I took your advice–particularly that all-important last sentence–and we now have a pretty rockin’ summer trip planned. Thanks!!!

  5. I think the road trip south.. and a cruise either out of Savanah or Charleston or Ft. Lauderdale. You could even do a short cruise to Bermuda instead of the Carribean. You could stop at some wineries in Va and NC- maybe spend a day in Asheville- see Biltmore House, winery and gardens and the artists colony area. Charlotte could be a stop. NASCAR, Gold mining, skiing on either of our lakes, etc. Or aim more towards the middle of the state-
    Winston-Salem has Old Salem, there’s Reed’s Gold mine, etc. Then on down to SC, Ga and maybe Fla. There’s Calloway gardens in Ga, Silver Springs in Fla for relaxing days…. lots more too.

  6. Regina–that sounds absolutely lovely.

  7. UTAH!!! It’s the most under-rated state ever (and no, I don’t live there). Moab is beautiful, as is the drive from Arches National Park to Bryce Canyon to Vegas. Cheap hotels is what sin city does best and you can catch a trip to the Grand Canyon from Vegas and fly home from there (also cheap). You might get a little hot though…

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