We Interrupt This Disney Theme…

...to bring you news of The Great Summer Trip of 2011! 

It literally pains me–and my OCD–to begin posting about our next trip before I’ve finished posting about our last trip.  But I guess I’m going to have to get used to that if I continue to travel this frequently.  I also have exciting news about the trip after next!

I’m not going to tell you what we’ve decided upon yet (though if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you already have some of the information.)  I will tell you that it is not any of the options I outlined earlier this month.  Ha!  I am simply posting this post so that I can break up the Disney posts already and start getting over the fact that everything is not perfectly in order here on Blog on the Run.

OCD is one of the habits I’m planning on kicking during my year ‘o travel and non-teacherness.  See, before, I would have been bothered by the ‘o and the ‘teacherness’ together in one sentence.  But now it doesn’t bother me.  Not one bit.

I may just start dropping the final ‘g’ from my -ing words.

Yeah–that’s so not going to happen.

…we now return you to your regularly scheduled Disney Trip blog posts.  Stay tuned for more information on the impending summer adventure. 


2 responses to “We Interrupt This Disney Theme…

  1. Well that was certainly a teaser!
    No information at all?! Come on, somethin’? (see my dropped g?!)

    • Ha! Nice!
      Sorry about the teaser. I wrote that late last night after I FINALLY booked something and then needed to sleep. I will post a full report asap. But here’s your hint–I did NOT book airfare.

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