A Hint of Summer

As I did the teaser post the other day about our summer travel plans, I thought I’d add another before I get down to the actual writing of the entire plan–and the theory behind it.  So today I offer you three hints.  These hints are in photo format, and they go in order of easiness–the first one is the most difficult.  Best of luck to you!

Hint #1:

Hint #2:

Hint #3:

So–where are we going?  I feel like the last one helps a lot–if you know who it is!  Though I didn’t pick one of the more obvious versions of her.

I promise a full and detailed post as soon as possible–I just need to finish organizing everything and I’ll get right on it!


8 responses to “A Hint of Summer

  1. Must Canada! Unless I miss my guess, the last photo was Anne of Green Gables… going to Prince Edward Island????

  2. Toni–nice! I’m impressed with your Anne knowledge! Though of course, knowing me, we’re not just going to PEI. That would be too easy!

  3. No- I figured it would include some other destinations- though I haven’t figured out the butter and the scientist (Copernicus????). Butter I seem to associate with Wisconson- and that just doesn’t seem to fit. Since airfare is not involved, it must be a road trip- or maybe some trains??? Well- I guess I’ll just have to wait on your posts…

    By the way, Anne is one of my favorites- I re-read the Anne books at least once a year. I think the one just after they are married, and the one about Rilla are my favorites. ( I also re-read the Little House books, too- and usually Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Carusoe… and my fantsy/scifi favorites, and my Merlin/King Arthur favs…… oh well….)

    • That’s funny about Wisconsin! I typically associate butter with…Paula Deen! But that’s not the clue (and we’re NOT going to Savannah in August–that would be stupid!) The butter is more about what we will be dipping IN the butter. Mmm…

      And the old dude is John Cabot. Interestingly enough, he was an Italian explorer–I never knew that. His actual name was Giovanni Caboto. Though the Italian connection also has nothing to do with it (obviously!)

      I’m glad to hear you are a fellow book nerd! I’ll be re-reading all of the Anne books just as soon as school ends! And I own the mini-series…

  4. Vanessa Jubis

    Atlantic Canada! I’m from Halifax, so I can definitely give you some tips of where to stay, eat, what to see etc. if you need any help or guidance

  5. Ok- must be lobster— Maine??? I hear Portland is nice… And Cabot explored the northern American and Canadian coasts- looking of r a northwest passage (I also taught social studies as well as math, science, and Language arts.)… so maybe not Maine… but Newfoundland, and the Canadian coast– maybe and “Evangeline” tour???? Knowing your penchant for wine and good food- that would work. See the origin of “Cajun” (Arcadia), lots of great local fresh veggies, dairy, and seafood (fresh and saltwater), and good beef and pork and lamb….. Am I close???

  6. Toni–you are MORE than close!

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