Read About What You Will Be Reading About–Summer Trip Announcement!

Last summer we flew across the Atlantic Ocean. We visited three major cities, stayed in one of them for two solid weeks, and went to more museums than I can count (I actually just tried to count, and I think the number is twelve.) I made a 38-page binder full of schedules and itineraries and confirmation numbers. I booked train tickets months in advance, downloaded walking tour apps to my iPhone, and spent the better part of six months asking questions on message boards so that we would make the most of each minute.

This summer we are not doing any of those things. The pendulum that is me has swung the other way.

The Great Summer Trip of 2011 is going to be a road trip to Maine and Maritime Canada. I spent a week–only one week–researching this trip, picking stops and booking lodging. I have all of the confirmation emails printed out and we are bringing guide books with us. Each morning we will wake up, look around, and decide what to do. If the only thing we ‘accomplish’ in any given day is ‘take a photograph of a lighthouse and eat more shellfish’–great. Because that is the kind of trip we want.

I am very excited about our road trip…now. It was my husband’s idea, so of course at first I fought it tooth and nail. I came up with half a dozen other ideas, one of which was a really terrible idea involving a Mediterranean cruise in August (did I learn NOTHING from last year?) I came up with ideas that I thought would be cheaper (they would not have been) and ideas that I thought would take less time (that part is true.) But my husband wanted this trip. He was very excited about it even before it was planned out. And do you know what? My husband makes good trip decisions. The best trip I’ve ever taken–our honeymoon Alaskan cruise–was his idea. And I originally fought that tooth and nail, too.

So off we shall go, in less than seven weeks!  Oh–and the answer to the photo hints are as follows:

Hint #1:  John Cabot, Italian explorer.  Connection–the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

Hint #2: Melted Butter.  Connection–Maine lobster, of course!

Hint #3: Anne Shirley, of Anne of Green Gables.  Connection–Prince Edward Island!

Up next–the plan!


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