Check Out My Guest Post on Teaching Traveling!

As you will see in a moment, it is only appropriate that this post is duplicated on one of my other blogs, Existential Midlife Twitch.  Thanks for reading, and please feel free to check out Existential Midlife Twitch for more about me and my crazy plans for a year away from work.

As you can see from the multiple badges on the right side of this page, Blog on the Run is not my only blog.  I also have an Educational travel blog, a real-time travel blog, and my new blog devoted to my career break.  Why all of the blogging?  The short answer:  because I love it.  The long answer: because it is a great way to share the things I’m doing and an even greater way to meet new people who are traveling a similar path.  I’ve met so many great people through my various blogs who have made my travels easier and more fun, who have supported me during less than ideal times, and who provide inspiration to keep following my own (sometimes crazy) dreams.

Take Lillie, owner and blogger on  She did what I’m hoping to do, but on a grander scale–she took a year off from her teaching position to travel the world.  How great is that?  And even better, her site is full of other people doing the exact same thing.  Finding sites like these makes me feel so much better about my own decisions.  After all, if other people are doing it too I can’t be that insane–right?

That all being said, check out my guest post on teaching traveling.  It tells the story of how I came to the decision to take this year off…and it features a really embarrassing photo of me that I willingly shared, connected to my awful trip to Paris last summer.

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