Our Road Trip: Very Serious Second Thoughts

You should know that I put a lot of thought and planning into our upcoming road trip.  I swear to god I did many things including creating a map like the one posted above…but somehow I missed the fact that the total driving time is fifty-three hours.  Again, I promise that I looked at this over and over.  I even argued with my husband last night that the trip was NOT three thousand miles round trip.  Right.  It’s 2,600.

I don’t feel good about this at all.  I’m very, very concerned.  Someone talk me down.  Please.  Thanks.


5 responses to “Our Road Trip: Very Serious Second Thoughts

  1. It’s fine! It’s 53 hours of driving, spread out over several days with two drivers.

    Remember I was telling you about our road trip to Georgia? We drove about 45 hours (give or take a couple) during that trip. And Rob did almost all of the driving.

    You plan to stop a lot and relax. It really will be okay!

  2. Yes it is ” It’s 53 hours of driving, spread out over several days with two drivers. ” Also- at any point You (both of you) can decide that you’ve had enough driving and just STOP where you are and stay there for a good long while- then head home if you want to. You are really starting to relax and go with the flow- don’t back away from that now!!! That’s the good thing about the road trip. You can practice your flexibility.

    • Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm. However, no, we can’t do that. We have everything booked already. Though it may be un-booked tomorrow. Stay tuned….

  3. If it is bothering you that much, AND if you enjoyed the “staycation” (by the way I hate that word almost as much as you), then by all means, CANCEL!!! IF- and only IF hubby agrees!!! Find more places like the gardens where you took those lovely pics. Explore the Adoronaks (I think they are near you… I could be wrong). Go into NY city and spend a night or three and indulge in a couples spa treatment.. or give each other one night of “treatment” each at home (buy special oils, lotions, etc and each other’s favorite foods…..) Ok- getting too … well just toooo for a public blog.
    But in other words- just enjoy each other and being with each other… while you are young.

  4. Oh I’m laughing so much at your ‘toooo’! Ha! And no, that was totally blog appropriate, don’t worry!

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