Word of the Day: Unprepared

One week from today we will officially be on our road trip.  As of right now, I know where my passport is, I bought two pairs of capri pants, and I keep meaning to stock up on beef jerky (beef jerky–the ultimate road trip snack.)

I have never been this unprepared for a trip.  Ironically, I’ve also never had this much time to prepare for a trip.

Last year we went to Vegas a day or two after the last day of school.  A few days after we returned, we left for Europe.  Each time I’ve gone to Disney in the last year (all three times) my plane has left two hours after getting home from work that day.  I’ve been off from work since June 20th, we leave in a week, and I have nothing.

I don’t even have a checklist.

What is wrong with me?





4 responses to “Word of the Day: Unprepared

  1. Not one single thing is wrong with you!!! You do have alot done… you’ve made your travel plan (road maps) and reservations (b&bs, etc.) and some suggesstions about places to see and where to eat…. and you made up your mind… That is the most important- YOU ARE GOING TO RELAX AND ENJOY. Just pack some sensible outfits and find the beef jerky (I have to disagree on that… but what ever YOU like is what is important). Oh- and don’t forget your loving (and loveable) hubby… LOL. OH>>> and maybe that new camera…

  2. Thanks for the reassurance (I feel like I say that a lot lately!) I’m spending the next little while making a checklist, and I think that will make everything seem more manageable. I love checklists. The first thing I always put on a checklist is ‘create checklist’, so that as soon as I print it I can check something off!

    Still think there’s nothing wrong with me? Ha! Ha ha ha!

  3. I’ll tell you my naughty little secret… I make checklists, too… sometimes. When my daughter was getting her first apartment after college I started a checklist of what she would need…. and she looked at me and said (something like…) “Mama I KNEW you would do that. You’ve never done anything without making some kind of list.” LOL I think my list making is due to the fact that I don’t trust my memory. Hubby will ask me to do somehting, or take care of something and I write it down and put it near my computer. He asks me why I do that, can’t I just remember …. And I answer “NO, I can’t be sure I’ll remember.” And (though he won’t admit it) there have been times when he was grateful for my little lists. I hope you both have a great trip. I am enjoying living vicariously through your posts. We used to be able to go to Europe twice a year. But since my mother-in-law’s stroke we haven’t been able to travel much. We do some 1 night flights to see old rocker concerts ( I tell hubby he is trying to recapture his youth). But they are not restful and do not feel like the escapes our Europe trips were. I am fantasizing about taking my mom and sister to Ireland or Scotland or England (or all 3???) this fall…. but I know in my heart that won’t happen. Mama is still recovering from back surgery and her knees are bad so I don’t think I can talk her into a Europe trip. I did take her, my daughter and 2 grandsons to Ga last week to see my Grandmother. She will be 92 next month. We got some pics of the 5 generations!!! The boys are too young to really remember it, but we’ll have the pics (they are 1 and soon to be 3). We also got to see the some of the places I remember from my childhood visits.
    Oh wll enough about me…. Enjoy your list making and your trip.

  4. First, you totally should take her. There’s no reason to not travel even with mobility issues. Yes, Europe is much harder to navigate from, say, a scooter or a wheelchair than is the US, but it is still possible. I say go for it! And then tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you!

    Second–list is finished, and post about list is coming soon. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in the list making!

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