Road Trip: I Get Cranky When I’m Hungry

For our wedding shower, my mother’s husband gave us a picnic basket.  We actually used it on honeymoon number one–our trip to Cape Cod.  We filled it with wine and cheese and bread and took it to a park to listen to music at the bandstand.  I didn’t think I had a digital camera back then, but I guess I did, because I just found this photo of that exact day…

Doesn't he look happy, newly married?

So we thought, why not take the same picnic basket with us on our trip?  We can use the plates and silverware inside for meals in some of the places we are staying, and we may just find a park with a bandstand again.  Plus it contains a little wicker holder thingie for two wine glasses–which are very important indeed!  In fact, I’m not sure why he’s drinking from a mug in the photo above!

In preparing to schlep the basket out to the car, I thought about how it is kind of a waste of space.  So, to stave off low-blood-sugar-induced road rage, I packed it full of snacks.  How unromantic is this?

Though, to be fair, after five years of marriage, it is really romantic of me to make sure my husband doesn’t throw me out of the car in the middle of Nova Scotia after I flip out.  I get cranky when I’m hungry!


2 responses to “Road Trip: I Get Cranky When I’m Hungry

  1. Perfect use of space- AND associations…. relates to the graphic/visual organizer mentioned previously…. LOL Seriously- good idea.

    • I actually thought it related well to my OCD post (and my OCD in general!) Look at how organized it is. I’m insane…

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