My Blog is ‘This Many!’

Today Blog on the Run turns two years old!  They grow up so fast, don’t they?

For those of you wondering about the origins of Blog on the Run, I started it just before leaving for Vermont for several weeks to attend The Breadloaf Writers’ Conference.  The point was to be able to update my friends and family while ‘on the road’, and also to see if it was possible to blog from an iPhone.  This explains the crappy name–Blog on the Run is so lame, and I have to admit that I put little thought into it–and the crappy URL.  For those of you who have always wondered, elbodans is my user name for almost everything I do online and once was my primary email address as well.  I stole it from an ex-boyfriend–and I haven’t given it back since!

I had no idea when I started this that it would become such a huge part of my life.  It has given me a reason to travel, a reason to (obsessively) take photos, and a way to meet new people.  It’s been the best hobby I’ve ever had.

I try to provide information that may be helpful to those planning their own trips.  I sincerely hope that those of you who follow me have been inspired, amused, and informed.  I’m sure you’ve also been horrified at times–but that’s the nature of a blog written with painful honesty. Though, to be fair, horror and humor are very closely related–so I’m also hoping you’ve had more laughs than gasps.

The future of Blog on the Run remains the same–I’ll be posting on here as long as I’m traveling, and that certainly doesn’t seem like it’s going to end any time soon (knocking on wood!)  Quite appropriately, Blog on the Run will begin its third year in existence documenting the Epic Road Trip of 2011.  We leave at dawn tomorrow.

However, I will not be posting daily from our trip.  I’ve given it a lot of thought, and my official blogging stance for this trip is as follows…

  • I will post no less than one time per week.
  • I will post no more than two times per week.
  • I welcome comments to these posts–as I do to all posts–and will attempt to comment back.
  • I will not maintain my real-time travel blog, Virtual Passenger, whilst on this trip.
  • I will not let blogging interfere with the trip in the manner that it did last summer.
  • I will be writing daily, just not posting.  When I return, I will be posting dozens of road trip related posts.
  • I will not edit out the bad stuff when I post upon returning home.  Fear not–you’ll still get to witness me freak out.  Just not in real time.

These decisions have been made after taking many things into account.  I will not be posting daily because the point of this trip is to relax and enjoy time with my husband.  Second, I will not be posting daily because I simply can’t post daily.  I know that I will not have internet access at many of the places we will be staying or visiting, and I will need to keep my iPhone data usage to a minimum when we are out of the country.  Third, I will not be posting daily because it takes up time.  In addition to the whole relaxing with my husband thing, I want to spend a lot of time on this trip learning my new blog-enhancing hobby–photography.

So check back soon for my once- or twice-weekly updates from the road, and be prepared for a barrage of posts at the end of August featuring overly-saturated photos of lighthouses.  Oh–and while I’m gone, think happy, calming, traffic-free thoughts for me…and especially for my husband!


10 responses to “My Blog is ‘This Many!’

  1. Enjoy your trip and pick up a few bottles of alcohol before crossing the border, alcohol including wine and beer is more expensive in Canada!

    • We have an entire case of hard cider–for my husband–and four bottles of cabernet–for me. Unfortunately we have to drink most of it before we enter Canada. (or…fortunately?) You can only bring one case of beer OR one bottle of wine PER PERSON over the border. So we’ll just be paying more in Canada! Oh well–better than not drinking on vacation, right?

  2. Happy travels! Already started the positive (traffic free) vibes. Again, another step forward in your decision not to post too often and to not “fret” about it.

  3. Hope you have a great and safe trip.

  4. Happy Birthday!! I kind of love “Blog on the Run,” because it makes me think of my second favorite Beatle.

    Safe travels and have fun. I will be here, thinking about you having fun. And being totally jealous. 🙂

    • Is your first favorite John? My first favorite is John, then George, then Paul, then Ringo. This is something my husband and I actually agree upon. It’s part of why he knew he picked the right woman to marry! Ha!

      And yes, I get that song stuck in my head FREQUENTLY. Maybe that’s why I hate my title?

      Don’t be jealous–you get to join me on my next adventure. You should be excited!!!! Yay WALT DISNEY WORLD! Ahem…sorry….

  5. Yes! Mine is John, Paul, George, Ringo. Although sometimes George and Paul switch, depending on how smarmy Paul is acting. (Which is really not fair, since George is no longer around to act smarmy.)


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