Perils of a B&B

We made it to Bar Harbor without encountering any traffic. But we encountered another peril–the four foot high bed in our B&B.

This place isn’t kidding around–it is a bed and breakfast, complete with doilys (how do you even spell that?) and Teddy bears.

My husband is quite pleased with the fluffy-ness of the towels. I’m just afraid I may fall out of the bed! See photos below!

This post has been lovingly written on my iPhone!


3 responses to “Perils of a B&B

  1. Bet it sleeps well. My mom has one like that- she uses a step stool to climb in and out of bed. LOL Enjoy!!!

  2. Be careful! I have a friend who hurt her back falling from a bed like that at a B & B!

  3. B&B’s such as this are luxurious! Usually called boutique hotels/B&B’s, they can be hard to find. A lovely looking room, it’s a shame about your fear of the bed height!

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