Road Trip: Week One Retrospective

It was raining when the alarm went off at 7:00 this morning.  So we went back to sleep.  We didn’t even leave for Acadia until after 10:30.  It’s 3:00 now and we’re back, having driven the Park Loop Road—stopping wherever looked interesting—and doing one moderate hike to Bubble Rock.  As we drove back into town about 45 minutes ago, I remarked how the ‘me of last year’ would have said something like ‘we have time to drive to the entire other side of the Mount Desert Island before it gets dark’.  The ‘me of this trip’ drove back to the inn, had a late lunch, and is now sitting on the porch in the sunlight writing and relaxing.

The ‘me of right now’ should probably get a glass of wine, now that I think about it!

I’m glad we went on The Great Europe Trip last summer—I learned a lot from it.  And this trip is definitely benefiting.  For example, we’ve decided that we are spending exactly enough time in each location.  So far we’ve enjoyed two nights each in two small towns and by tomorrow will have spent three nights—two full days and the greater part of a third—in a larger town near a National Park.  I feel ready to leave here tomorrow and continue northward.  Though I am going to need some warmer clothing! 

We’ve been gone for almost a week now, and the Maine portion of the trip is coming to an end (though not the ‘main’ portion!)  It really is starting to feel as though this is just how we live.

 I don’t mind most of the aspects of road tripping.  I don’t mind living out of a bag.  I especially don’t mind living out of a suitcase and into a bag—as that’s how we set up our luggage (the majority of our ‘stuff’ remains in the car—we take into our lodging only what we need for that part of the trip.)  I don’t mind the driving, I don’t mind getting to know new places every few days.  Yes, I did mind the Laundromat, but hey, if that’s the worst part of this trip so far, I think we’re doing pretty well.

The one thing that would be nice would be to have friends—though we did meet a couple of couples at the bar last night, and there’s always conversation around the breakfast table.  If togetherness is what we were going for, we found it—hell, we shared a restroom today (it had a pit toilet and a urinal and there was a line—we were saving time, ok?)  As I tried to eat my overly messy sandwich just now, my husband sat across the table from me and laughed.  When I made a face he asked ‘would it help if I didn’t stare at you?’  Yes dear, yes it would.  But other than that, the togetherness is going surprisingly well.  We even agree on the right music to play in the car.  Today’s Park Loop Road drive was enjoyed to the music of Swan Lake (which I highly recommend for Acadia—the cymbals go well with the crashing waves.) 

We leave for Canada tomorrow, so my next post will either be devoted to extolling its virtues or cursing its name.  Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Road Trip: Week One Retrospective

  1. Elaine Shropshire

    Where is the photo of your packed car? I was looking forward to seeing that …REALLY!!! I am an expert myself, if I do say so, on packing small cars, but am always lookimg for new ideas, especially since next week I am packing up my daughter’s 24 year life into a Focus Hatchback. SO…if you have not posted it, please do ….or if you have — what date?
    Please keep on blogging – I’m enjoying your trip. I’m doing a 10 day road trip up to Cape Cod in Sept…you’re causing me to think that I might have to add in a few extra miles north of Boston!!

    • I just typed a whole big reply to this and then the wifi cut out and it disappeared! ARRGH! Ok–long story short: I will post a pic, but it will be better than ‘just’ a pic–it will be a before and after pic. Promise. Tomorrow moring, if possible. Second–add days on to your trip and go to Maine. It is awesome. And I love Cape Cod like no one’s business. But Maine–well–we’ve promised each other we will return often. The drive doesn’t even turn me off to the idea. Love it there!

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