Road Trip Photo of the Day: The Bay of Fundy

Because a picture is worth a thousand words–and because I’ve been uploading my photos to my netbook daily anyway–I thought I’d start a ‘Photo of the Day’ series.  It doesn’t take much time to post a photo and a caption, and then you get to kind of follow along on our trip.  So, from now on, whenever I have free wifi (like right now) I’ll post a photo of the day. 

Today I’m cheating and posting two.  So, without further ado, here’s two thousand words on the Bay of Fundy and St. Martins, New Brunswick…

Waterfall along the not-yet-completed Fundy Trail Parkway

Same Fundy Trail Parkway; an overlook

 Please Note:  Picking only two was damn near impossible.  Upon my return, this blog shall be overrun with photos.  So far I have blessedly few shots of  lighthouses and sailboats! 


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