Road Trip Photo of the Day: Cabot Trail

I call this one ‘shut up!’  I have never been in a more beautiful place.  Cape Breton is amazing.  That being said, I’m posting this photo and then going back out into it.  Here’s the end of today’s hike…

Please Note:  To access the internet, I have to leave my cabin and walk through the woods to what can only be described as ‘someone’s front porch’.  So there might not be a photo of the day for the next few days.  But I’ll be taking lots of photos because damn, it is beautiful here!


4 responses to “Road Trip Photo of the Day: Cabot Trail

  1. You look so relaxed and happy! Glad you’re having fun!

  2. absolutely gorgeous! wow, you look really happy. That is a really amazing spot with the winding trail in the background on the bluffs (if that’s what you call it?) Anyway, wow!

    • The winding trail is the road–driving here is insane (and awesome–Doug fears it and I LOVE it.) I had him take some photos from the passenger seat today. They aren’t uploaded yet but I’ll eventually post them.

      Hope you are having a fabulous (and educational) time as well. Hoping your habla-ing is coming along.

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