Road Trip Photo of the Day: PEI National Park

I love this photo for three reasons.  One, it is better than any of our wedding photos–though to be fair, our wedding photos really sucked.

Two, I took it myself.  One shot, using the timer with the camera balanced on the unmanned lifeguard stand.  I don’t have live view on my camera (and couldn’t bend in a way that allowed me to look through the viewfinder), so I had no idea how it would be framed until after it was taken.  I hit the shutter button and ran over and kissed him.  It is perfect.

And three, it proves a very important point.  Many people expressed concern for our marriage when we decided to take a month-long road trip–ourselves included.  We’ve been living in very close quarters and spending many hours together in a very small car whilst being pelted by rain on Canadian highways.  But do we still love each other?  You bet.  Even more than when we left.


8 responses to “Road Trip Photo of the Day: PEI National Park

  1. Great picture. When you get home you should have a 16×20 made, frame it and hang it in your living room.

  2. Wonderful shot- have a calendar made of your favorite shots from this trip- and make this one the month of your wedding anniversary.

  3. I agree, this one is a “framer”. Beautiful!

    • Thanks! We’re currently debating where to hang it (you know, after I buy a print and a frame–we still have prints and frames from last year’s trip that are not up yet!)

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