Road Trip Photo of the Day: Charlottetown, PEI

This morning we set our alarm for an ungodly vacation hour.  Why?  So we could make it to Charlottetown in time for Taste of the Town, a three-hour culinary walking tour.  If you ever find yourself in Charlottetown for any reason, do this tour.  Even if you have to get up at dawn to do so. 

In the photo I am learning to shuck an oyster–behind the bar at The Claddagh Oyster House.  Did I eat the oyster?  No.  Why?  I’ve never had oysters before, and I thought that the middle of a road trip would be a bad time to find out if I am allergic to them (I had a really bad prawn experience on our honeymoon…on a cruise ship…in Alaska.  Cruise ship emergency rooms are scary and full of morphine.  Seriously.)  Fortunately my husband manned up and consumed said shellfish for me.  Though he knows that he likes oysters–and had no fear of it making his throat close.   

A full review of the tour, which is part of the Experience PEI touring company, will follow upon our return.


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