Road Trip Photo of the Day: PEI Back Roads

In the past almost three weeks, my husband and I have not been more than twenty feet apart.  Today we had an alone day.  He hung out on the deck at the motel with his book; I drove around back roads and pulled over randomly to point my camera at things–mainly red dirt roads. 

None of the photos came out very well (perhaps because I was photographing dirt roads), but I really liked this horse that I came upon.  It’s a really beautiful, really big horse.  Clearly I’m not up on my horse identification!

2 responses to “Road Trip Photo of the Day: PEI Back Roads

  1. Lovely shot- looks like it might have at least a bit of Clysdale in it. Another for the calendar!!! (also very Anneish….)

    • Doug was thinking Clydesdale. But it was also spotted. A very cool horse. It had a horse friend just like it, but that one wasn’t interested in me. I kind of wish I’d gotten out of the car and taken closer photos, but that just seems rude. I don’t know what the rules are for that sort of thing–photo taking, that is. I guess I wouldn’t be mad if someone was taking a photo of my dog in my yard. But then I’m friendlier than most people!

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