Road Trip Photo of the Day: Blue Skies on PEI

I woke up this morning and thought back to the last time I’d seen actual puffy white clouds.  It was the day we drove to Halifax–Monday, August 1st.  Twelve days ago.  I opened the curtains on what was supposed to be the best weather day of our stay on PEI–and our last full day here, too–and was greeted by more gray.

But the weather man didn’t disappoint.  Just as predicted, cloudy skies in the morning did give way to mostly sun in the afternoon and evening.  The minute that first bit of blue peeked through, we jumped in the car and headed to the beach before everyone else had time to load up the kids (and the pails, and the floaties, and the wagons and boogie boards and extra diapers–damn people bring a lot of crap to the beach!)  By the time our butts hit the sand less than twenty minutes later, it was a full-blown beautiful day. 

I do have some crappy beach photos, but I’m not sharing them (yet) for obvious reasons (I was wearing a bathing suit, ok?)  I took the photo above on the way to dinner.  There was a pretty field, a place to park, and the most beautiful clouds–my husband knew better than to deny me the stop in order to try to make our reservations (we still made it on time.)  And after dinner, the sunset was just as amazing. 

Best day ever.

We loved Prince Edward Island.  We will return to Prince Edward Island some day.  But tomorrow, it’s south to New Brunswick for three days in Fundy National Park.  Not only is it technically ‘on the way home’, but it is our second-to-last stop!


10 responses to “Road Trip Photo of the Day: Blue Skies on PEI

  1. Lovely! Great colors.

  2. You’re getting REALLY REALLY good!! This photo is amazing.

    • Thanks! I did the over saturation thing again, but to be honest, even without editing it looked pretty good. And I shot it with all of my own settings in ‘manual’ mode, to get the clouds right. I was actually pretty pleased with it myself. I’m not ‘good’ yet, but I’m getting better. And that’s all that I can expect, right?

      Now I just need to teach my husband how to frame a shot. I had him take a few of me in this same field, and they turned out ok-ish with a LOT of cropping (like dear, please don’t get the parking lot rocks in the shot!)

      • It’s my professional opinion that this is a REALLY GOOD picture. Don’t contradict me, woman!

        Seriously, though, I’m impressed by what you’ve learned over the past three weeks. Doug clearly just isn’t putting in the effort. :p

  3. Amazing photo.

  4. Melissa Sue…thanks! Yes, it is a really good photo. Ok. There. Happy now? 😉

    I shall never contradict you again…particularly when it is about how awesome I am. 😉

  5. Great Photo Tracy. I’m glad you liked PEI, I hope to make it there some day.

  6. I’m from Nova Scotia and have only been to PEI once 😦

    • You should go! It’s not far at all–we drove there from Ingonish and it only took 7 hours. Though of course NS is beautiful, too!

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