Home Sweet Home

This hat is still in the back of my car.

We’re back!  And as such, I think it is now officially safe to say–that was the best trip we’ve ever taken.  I accidentally referred to it as a vacation at one point near the end, and my husband laughed.  Vacation?  he asked.  This isn’t so much a vacation as it is a rather odd lifestyle choice. 

But even month-long trips must end, and now I’m overwhelmed with the things that occur in life when you leave your home and garden for four weeks.  Holy weeds, batman!  And don’t even get me started on the food situation.  I cleaned out the fridge and ended up with, well, an empty fridge.  This morning we had a box of mac and cheese for breakfast–and the box was leftover from one of our Canadian shopping trips.

Additionally, we had our bathroom completely renovated while we were gone, so I’ve been shopping for shower curtains and bath mats.  And my next trip–three weeks in Orlando–is only 18 days away!

But don’t worry, it is my goal to have the entire road trip posted before I leave for Orlando on September 9th.  I took copious (ok, obsessive) notes each day of the trip, and I have 2,953 photos.  So settle in, grab a glass of wine, and stay tuned.  Many posts coming soon to a browser near you!



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