Dear Readers: How Should I Blog? Please Vote!

As I prepare to start posting road trip stories, I’m at a loss as to how I should go about it.  If I post details of everything we did, the posts will add up to more than a Tolkien novel in length.  Additionally, I typically post reviews of the places we stayed and the places we ate–again, that would be really long.  I’m not opposed to writing fifty or so thousand word posts, but would you, dear reader, get bored with that?

So–how should I go about this?  Should I pick a random photo and write about it?  Like this one…

Or is that too gimmicky?  Do you want ‘just’ the highlights?  Do you have specific questions?  If so, post them in the comments, and I’ll work with that.  I’m open to suggestions!

8 responses to “Dear Readers: How Should I Blog? Please Vote!

  1. I really like your reviews myself but you could always just put a link to the reviewing site for those of us who like them to easily locate them. I would love to read a little about each stop- about what made it special and different. Maybe what was the best thing you enjoyed about that destination or the “funnest” thing you did there. Then post your pictures by place or event. Really I like reading your thoughts on your travels so for me be as wordy and descriptive as you like. But I imagine carpal tunnel is a real possibility should you write all you could about each place- so edit away and save your fingers to type another day!

    • Ok–I was thinking highlights might be the way to go (I like your use of the word ‘funnest’!) That works with the suggestion below too. Thanks!!!

  2. Though it may “fit” more with your mid-life blog, I like it when you write about lessons you learn, questions you are pondering, and muse philosophical (a bit of that- not tooooo much). Maybe you should pick photos that go with moments of your trip that “taught” you (and maybe your husband) something- or were an “ah ha!” or “ha ha!!!” moments. An occassional review is good, but personally, I’m not reading this like a travel guide to choose places to eat, or see or things to do. I’m reading it to live vicariously and “see” YOUR ‘MOMENTS’- get insight into your brain, feelings, etc. I enjoyed your post about deciding you don’t really like meat (though I am the ultimate carnivore). Your writing seems to be at its best when you are writing in a more stream of consciouness (forgive my spelling) style than in a guide book style. I like it when you sort of have conversations with yourself. This year is intended to help you learn about yourself, explore ideas, skills, etc. Just relate all of “that” to your travlel!!! Big task, I know- but interesting AND doable.

    • I like ‘big tasks’! And perhaps some of it should be on my other blog–with links here of course.

      It’s strange–I’ve never gone so long without blogging after a trip. I think this one was so big that I really needed time to process. But I think I’m ready tp start now–so thanks so much for the direction!

      I’ll get started as soon as I get home–this comment is being written on my phone in the parking lot of the grocery store as I wait for my nana to finish her shopping!

  3. PS- I noticed in your picture on your other blog that you really are starting to recapture the “former Tracey”

  4. Don’t try to process it all right now. Pick a starting point (any point will do) and process just a bit. That will allow you to – later- pull of it together. We like to see the work in progress! Isn’t that part of the whole blogging thing? At least it seems to be with you. Maybe start with the ending and how you felt – I loved the statement in a previous post… spomething like “more of a strange lifestyle choice than a vacation”. Explore that and I bet you will find nuggetts of questions, thoughts, experiences to explore and then you can revisit the entirety later to see if your first reactions hold. And in the process you can share the resturants, meals, people, places and photos.

  5. I’d love to hear about your experiences, I’m not particularly looking for a “typical” review, and don’t forget plenty of pictures- I LOVE the pictures!

    • Ok–lots of pictures there shall be! I just found something funny that I wrote on the first day of our trip–will be posting it asap!

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