You Know You Have A Travel Blogging Problem When…

…you have to leave on your next trip before finishing your posts about your last trip.  I guess that’s why I really should have been posting from the actual trip, huh?

I hate to do it, but this post is out of order. And by that I don’t mean ‘it doesn’t flush’! You all know that my OCD pretty much demands that everything be orderly, and I really wanted to finish posting about our road trip before I left for my next trip. But, well, that’s not going to happen, as I still have five road trip destinations to write about…and about three hours before my plane leaves for Florida!

If you're looking for me for the next three weeks, this is where you'll find me!

Did I mention that I’m leaving for Orlando for three weeks? Because I am–tonight. Which is insane, because I feel like I just got back from our last trip. I actually took things directly out of my road trip suitcase and put them in my carry-on backpack!

I’ll be in Orlando mainly to do research in Disney World for my hopefully-coming-soon book, The World is Your Classroom.  I’ll be spending twenty days visiting the various Disney parks, resorts, and restaurants.  While I will have company for the first half of the trip, the second half will be truly on my own.  But that’s ok, because I have a lot of work to do.  Nose, prepare to meet the grindstone!

Of course this doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up sharing my adventures and lessons from our road trip.  It just means that they will be interspersed with ramblings about Disney, Orlando, and the surrounding area.  I’m hoping to take at least one day ‘off’ and do a road trip to St. Augustine–so expect a post about that as well.  But I also have to finish telling you about Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg, Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, Fundy National Park, and Portland, Maine!

Between all of that and the writing I’ll be doing for my book, I see a serious hand cramp in my future!


2 responses to “You Know You Have A Travel Blogging Problem When…

  1. Traveling faster than you can write is the best problem in the world! I’m having that “problem” as well 🙂 I’ll be in Orlando September 30 – October 6th. Will you still be there?


    • Aww man…I keep missing people and events by mere days! I leave the 29th! Have a great trip!

      And, for the record, after I return home I have zero travel plans. No flight confirmation numbers…nothing. Let’s see how long that lasts!

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