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Lake ChamplainI call this ‘the travel blog of a hopeless nerd’–and that pretty much sums it up.  I’m an English teacher by profession, a very fitting vocation for someone who loves to learn.  I also love to share what I’ve learned–thus this blog.  I do extensive amounts of research before I travel, and what some would call ridiculous amounts of reflection and writing whilst traveling and upon returning home.  I like to share that research and reflection with anyone who is interested in my own journey.  I love to read others’ experiences–so please, feel free to share mine.

I’ve recently decided to take my passion for travel, writing and teaching one step further–ok, it is really many steps further–and begin writing a book.  Visit my new website, ‘The World is Your Classroom’ and feel free to visit my in-progress educational travel blog, The Suitcase Scholar.

To get updates on all of my blogs at once, follow me on Twitter @tracyantonioli.

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6 responses to “About Me

  1. Thank you so much for the table! I do the research but don’t put it together in one place like this. Hubby calls me the sticky-note queen! We leave in 26 days! We’re both teachers, me elementary, Brad, jr. high, science.

    • You’re quite welcome! I was actually thinking of posting that table–and a London day trip comparison guide I made–as a blog post. Perhaps I should finish it first! Have a great trip! I’m jealous–26 days is soon! In 26 days, I’ll still be teaching–we go until June 22nd this year. We have…counting…fifty eight days until our trip!

  2. Hi elbodan,
    I came across your blog from your post on BootsNAll. We have just started Globetrooper.com for people to meet and travel with other travellers. I thought you might be interested in putting up your trip on the site? Or there are already a few up there that are doing long haul Europe trips who might end up being in the same place at the right time.
    Anyway, good luck on your trip!

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  4. We are doing the same road trip Boston to PEI and I am in the very same position on the Cabot Trail as you are. . . we leave in 48 hours and I still havent sorted out the Cape Breton portion

    • Oh good…that actually makes me feel better for having planned nothing! Ha! Don’t worry–I’m sure your trip (and mine) will be fine. Have a wonderful time–and let me know how it goes. I’ll be following behind you. Though not in a creepy stalker-ish way of course!

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