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This blog started as an experiment–I wanted to see if it was easy to blog while traveling.  The verdict–yes, yes it is.  And it is equally fun to blog about where I’ve traveled after I’ve returned…and where I’m planning on going in the near future.  So began Blog on the Run–a hobby turned obsession.  To be fair, writing and travel were both hobbies turned obsessions, so it makes sense that travel blogging would take the same route–no pun intended.

Then, when my husband and I started planning our first trip to Europe, I started a new blog–Paris Squared–which initially was meant to document our two summer trips–one to Las Vegas and one to Paris, France.  Since then, the Paris trip has morphed into a month-long European adventure, and the blog outgrew itself.  I merged my two blogs to create what you see today–one big blog dealing with everything travel, from pre planning, to planning, to execution and reflection.

I don’t know when the travel bug bit me–I’m actually quite a homebody, rarely putting more than 20 miles a week on my car.  But whenever I have a few days of unscheduled time, I immediately begin to plan a trip.  My husband has been very supportive of this–in fact, I partially blame him for my travel obsession–he is the one who got me out of the ‘lets just find a beach and lay on it’ mindset and into the ‘vacation as an adventure’ frame of mind.  The above was taken by me off the back of a cruise ship sailing out of port in Sitka, Alaska, where we spent our honeymoon–the trip was his idea.  It is one of my favorite pictures ever, and one of the many times I actually cried at the beauty of our northern-most state.  Everyone should visit Alaska before they die–and I’d go sooner rather than later, because that glacier hike is a bitch.


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  1. Hi there
    I saw your post on the excellent globetrotter site. I am planning a similar experiment, recently started blogging and set to inter rail around eastern europe this autumn, blogging my way round as I go. It’s great to see that you can manage to post regularly and still experience travel fully. Good luck in finding a writing sponsor. I recommend TBEX as a good way of connecting with other travel bloggers and also twitter.

  2. u go girl

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