Travel Writing is Better than Sex

Travel and leisure do not always go together.  In fact, ‘to travel’ and ‘to go on vacation’ are two very different things–trust me, I learned that in Paris last summer.  Some people travel as part of a job requirement.  Many people travel so they can volunteer in areas where help is needed.  Others travel for academic or spiritual purposes.

I travel so that I can write about it.

There is nothing more satisfying than setting out on a mission to collect information with the intention of turning it into words to be shared.  Nothing.  It is better than ice cream, it is better than sunshine, it is better than…well, I’d say ‘it is better than sex’, but I’m not allowed to say ‘sex’ on this blog, lest it get me fired.  But ooops–I did it anyway.

Travel writing is better than sex.

My next trip–which, ironically, I’m not talking about on here at all–is a trip with the singular purpose of writing.  It is to be trip number one of many committed to that goal.  I cannot wait.

But in the meantime, I thought I’d ask you, dear reader.  Do you travel for purposes other than leisure?  What are these purposes?  How do they add to your travel experience?  Or do you think I’m crazy, excitedly boarding a plane with a netbook and a notebook in my purse?


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